Driving business improvement

Fresh Consultancy can help you rethink every area of your business – from people and processes to strategy and structure. Our services are tailored to suit the culture, objectives and budget of each client. For example, we can provide one-off or long-term consulting services, join your team as a non-executive director, coach senior managers or offer interim management support. We can look at the whole business or one aspect of it. We will empower your organisation to take a fresh approach by enabling you to evaluate, enhance and energise key areas of your business.

Strategic planning

Taking time out to plan for years ahead can be difficult in a small or medium-sized organisation. Fresh Consultancy can help you identify, implement and improve your strategy for the future by assisting with a range of activities, including business planning, mergers and acquisitions, competitor benchmarking and succession planning.

Operational efficiency

We can assist you in finding smarter and faster ways to run your business. Whether it involves changing your organisational structures, introducing new technologies, improving access to information or allocating resources in a different way, Fresh Consultancy will help you transform your organisation to minimise operational costs and maximise operational efficiency.

Business development

Fresh Consultancy will help you determine the most profitable growth areas and unlock new business opportunities and revenue streams. From sales pitching and client profiling to value billing and developing marketing plans and campaigns, we will enable your business to boost its bottom line and enhance client satisfaction.

People management

By empowering and motivating partners, directors and staff, Fresh Consultancy will enable you to unlock the true potential of your organisation. With extensive experience of recruitment and personal development, we can assist with coaching, skills assessments, appraisals, strategic appointments and team-building.